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Ideal Day is a balanced food delivery of the premium segment. 5 meals a day. Daily delivery at a convenient time. Individual approach to each client. We provide a choice of gourmet dishes; we take into account all preferences; We use fresh organic farm products.
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Feedback from our clients
Anfisa Chekhova
As soon as it became clear that I would be spending the next month on the set, I immediately became concerned about what I would eat. Those who follow my life on social media know that I do not eat a number of foods: sugar, meat, yeast, fat and fried food. It's hard to be so picky about food when you are on the set. Who is going to run all over Moscow, looking for a casserole without sugar, soup without meat and bread without yeast for you?...

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Maksim Vitorgan
Decided not to take it easy on myself in this hectic time. First, I suddenly quit smoking. Nothing foretold trouble, but the world is shaking and we are shaking along with it. And smoking while shaking is not a good idea. All in all, I will give it a shot. Secondly, I decided to take the 8/16 meal. Now I eat 2 times a day: at 10-11-12 in the morning and at 6-7-8 in the evening accordingly. And that's where's ready-made food delivery helps me! Every morning, my daily ration is waiting for me on the door handle (no personal contact, not at these times!).

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Olga Orlova
I am very picky about what I eat and have always tried to stick to a healthy diet. In addition, the high quality of the products matters to me. But it often happens that my schedule is so busy that there is simply no time left for food! That's when I found out that there is a company that delivers kits with a full daily ration in the morning, taking into account all the needs of even the most capricious customers:). I love cooking, but I couldn't refuse an offer with such a varied menu:)) And I didn't regret it!

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Roman Yunusov
In short, I am gaining strength, not kilograms. The key to success is high-quality and healthy nutrition. does everything for me: selects the right diet, cooks, counts calories and delivers. Get healthy with taste!
Daniel Velichko is the perfect daily diet plan that saves an incredible amount of time! Of course, I would write how delicious it is and how convenient it is, but you still won't fully understand me until you try it yourself. This is the most delicious food delivery I have ever tried, but... unfortunately, Nadezhda got to know about it Conclusion: Guys, take care of your time and your supplies - be vigilant!
Diet plans
Payment and delivery
Who develops the diet plans?
They all are developed by a team of specialists - a wellness coach, a nutritionist, a fitness trainer, a nutritional psychologist and slow food chefs. They have taken into account all the nuances that will allow you to achieve results effectively and safely, without any harm to your health.
Can I be sure of the quality and safety of the products?
Every day we purchase organic farm products, carefully select the freshest vegetables, seafood and meat! We work only with the best, proven eco-farms. You can always be sure of the freshness of our dishes, because consistent quality is our main principle.
What is included in the price?
The cost of ready-made premium nutrition kits includes a complete diet ratio of 5 meals a day. We develop an individual program for each client, taking into account your preferences and anamnesis. A team of professional chefs prepares gourmet cuisine dishes with a restaurant serving daily specially for you. And the delivery department brings fresh food to your door at a convenient time for free within the Moscow Ring Road.
What is the shelf life of your products?
Our nutrition programs include five meals a day that you will consume during the day. Due to the fact that we cook all dishes using the freshest ingredients, they can be consumed the next day, when stored in the refrigerator.
Can food be reheated in the microwave?
Our dishes are divided into two types - those that need to be heated, and those that are ready-to-eat. You will find a corresponding bright label щn each container. You can reheat dishes to be cooked in the microwave right in the container.
Do Ideal Day meals need to be cooked upon receipt?
No, all products come ready-made. We also consider that you spend a lot of time on the road: our sealed eco-containers preserve all the vitamins and minerals of cooked meals throughout the day
Will I be able to eat Ideal Day at work in the office?
Undoubtedly. Meal kits are delivered in a cooler bag, due to which you can take food to work and on a trip. You only need to heat it up!
Can I eat Ideal Day meals without reheating?
Of course .All dishes in your diet are ready-to-eat and do not require to be necessarily heated.
Do you use sugar or artificial sweeteners? If so, which one?
We only use stevia in cooking the dishes. It is a natural, plant-based sweetener that does not increase blood sugar and has zero calories.
What kind of meat do you use for cooking?
We carefully select meat suppliers, and only work with certified farmers who have all the necessary certifications and feed animals with organic fodder only .
What dairy products do you use for cooking?
In the purchase of dairy products, we have given our choice in favor of one supplier, who, like us, carefully monitors the quality of products, which has remained unchanged for more than 4 years.
Is healthy food tasty?
Our nutrition plans are based on haute cuisine. There is no place for boring and all-the-same recipes in the IDEAL DAY menu. Each dish is created and served as in the world's best restaurants.
Do I need to count CPFC (calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates) and follow the Ideal Day diet?
IDEAL DAY was created to make you forget about the word "diet". We will calculate everything for you and prepare an individual meal plan balanced in calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
Do you have desserts on your menu?
Of course, there are desserts on our menu. We believe that the key to proper nutrition is not restriction, but balance. Our desserts are low-calorie and low-fat. We use stevia instead of sugar.
Can I switch meals throughout the day?
Each dish has a time period written on a container which denotes the time, when you are advised to eat the dish. However, you can swap them around however you like.
How often will my menu change?
None of the dishes is used twice within a month of daily nutrition. Every day you get a new menu, with a variety of dishes.

Who calculates CPFT and how is it calculated?
The balance of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates is calculated by a certified specialist in dietary and sports nutrition, together with the brand chef of the IDEAL DAY project.
Who is Ideal Day food for?
The IDEAL DAY service was created for people who live in the rhythm of the metropolis and value their time. We work to make you feel the taste for life and make your everyday ideal.
How can I pay for my order?
The order can be paid by card on the website, when you check out . We also accept bank transfers (from legal entities). Please call our managers in case you want to use this method, and they will gladly help you do it correctly .
How are the food kits delivered?
Our delivery service is open from 5 am. Wherever you are - at work or at home, we will deliver the order just in time and make your day ideal. Delivery is free within the Moscow Ring Road. Delivery outside the Moscow Ring Road is carried out by a partner delivery service.
Can the courier arrive at a certain time?
Delivery is carried out at a convenient time interval for you. Сheck with our managers by phone to arrange delivery details.
I want my fridge to always be full. How can Ideal Day help me with this?
With IDEAL DAY meals, you don't have to buy groceries, cook or wash dishes. Ready-made food in sealed eco-containers for the whole day will always be in your refrigerator.
Can I suspend delivery in case of unforeseen circumstances?
Of course, just let us know one day before delivery
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